Tiffany Kairos – Public Speaking

Tiffany Kairos – Public Speaking

Activist and epilepsy advocate Tiffany Kairos has blazed quite a journey. None more brightly than about epilepsy awareness. Tiffany is sharing her experience, hope and lightheartedness, with audiences all around the world.

At 22, Tiffany Kairos was diagnosed with epilepsy after surviving a grand mal seizure while driving and crashing into a tree. This diagnosis would be a life changing event for her. Following the diagnosis, many things in her life that she cherished, she had to set aside or give up completely as she began her journey, battling epilepsy. Alongside her husband, Tiffany began to research about her condition, wanting to know everything there was to know. Feeling alone, she searched for support groups within social media. Filled with more knowledge than she had when she was first diagnosed and a desire to unite all affected by epilepsy, both her and her husband created the organization, The Epilepsy Network (TEN) three years after diagnosis, which has currently surpassed 25,000 supporters worldwide. At age 31, Tiffany started to attend the Cleveland Clinic to receive top level care.

Tiffany currently writes for her own blog at as well as The Huffington Post, and has written for The Mighty. She is a WEGO Health Activist Award Winner and was featured on their broadcast. She has been featured in the Epilepsy Advocate Magazine. She has been featured in a Words To Live By Radio Interview.

Tiffany is taking the next step in her journey by branching out into public speaking!

If you would like Tiffany to speak to a group or at an event, e-mail Tiffany HERE.